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Assistance to continue with studies

TZS 1,005,000
TZS 1,000,000
Verified Campaign

Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today - Malcolm X

Kasbeth Silyvesta Luanda is a young boy, the youngest of three siblings with a promising future. Despite a serious medical condition that he endured just before his final 'O' levels exams he still sat for them and passed as indicated in the attachment.

His has always maintained the same enthusiasm for his studies by working hard and always doing his best in spite of his challenging upbringing. His endurance and determination to study and achieve the best outcome led him to do well enough from his 'O' level exam at Mkombozi Secondary School in Morogoro, a city in the eastern part of Tanzania and as a result, he has been selected to continue with his 'A' levels (High school) at Ndanda High School in Mtwara Region, a town in Southern Tanzania.

Both his 'O' levels exam results and his High school admission form have been attached for verification. 

His entire life he has been supported single handily by his mother who is a non-skilled worker in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Kasbeth seeks a chance to make a difference and break the cycle of furthering his studies to his fullest potential something none of his family members have done.

Kasbeth needs Tsh. 1 m to cover his expenses such as transport from Dar Es Salaam to Ndanda, to buy essentials such as a new mattress, beddings, mosquito net, warm clothes, shoes, some exercise books, pay for boarding, and tuition. Most of the information about his future school is attached.

We kindly seek your assistance to help his dream come true!

Organized by: Paolo Taffuri
Aug 10, 2022 21:32