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fundraising for treatment:

Regarding Patient Rev. Fr. CHARLES BUSAK treatment cost 15000$ equivalent to 37650000.00TZS

TZS 37,650,000
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I am Fr. Charles Busak Celestino, a Catholic Priest from the catholic Archdiocese of Juba South Sudan. a priest director for Radio Maria South Sudan. i had a motorcycle accident seven years ago, which caused a fracture on my left shoulder and scapula. A treatment was done earlier with fixation of three screws, but at the moment, the screws are not effective any more. Hence the Doctors, after studying the case, suggensted that the shoulder fracture and scapola should be revisisted.

The report assured that the treatement requires  a 6 months staying in the hospital and it will cost approximately 15,000$(fifteen thousan USD) this covers room rent, food of the patient, radiation, biological agents, PET- CT scan also bone marrow transplant and evanluation. special investigations, CT, MPI and Nuclear scan, surgery, medicines, blood, post- operative intensive care, rehabilitation, physiotheraphy, laundery, toilries, telephone and attendant food are extra.

This is according to APollo Hospitals in India. Enclosed is the medical referrer 

I kindly appeal to your generosity to help me in my healing journey

Fr. Charles

Organized by: Charles Busak Celestino
Oct 12, 2023 11:52